20 Signs You Should Move

You may not even own a home yet, don’t confuse this article for signs you should buy your first home.

A study commissioned by Keepmoat Homes has revealed a few of those top signs for looking to find yourself a new home and leaving your current home behind. It’ll be tough, sure, but it’ll be worth it when you come home from a long day at work and actually like where you are.

Top 30 signs it’s time to move house:

The study found that the average homeowner (ha! owning a home – can you imagine?) wants to move after nine years of living in one place, so you can imagine how little time it takes for a renter to be ready to leave.

  1. Your home starts to feel too big or small
  2. You browse home-moving websites like Zoopla or Rightmove
  3. There are DIY jobs you can’t be bothered to crack on with
  4. You start to hate the neighbours
  5. You notice other people’s homes more frequently
  6. You don’t have enough storage space
  7. You start to yearn for a shorter commute
  8. You start honing in on all the things which are ‘wrong’ with the house
  9. You have the money to move
  10. You feel your home is now too old-fashioned
  11. You’ve forgotten everything you once loved about it
  12. You’ve stopped tidying and cleaning as much as you should
  13. You bring up houses, decorating and house-hunting in conversation more than you used to
  14. You start spending more time outside the house than in
  15. You slow down every time you go past a ‘For Sale’ sign
  16. Your friends are all living in a different area
  17. You don’t invite friends round any more
  18. You get annoyed by cars parking in ‘your’ space
  19. You let your garden fall into disrepair
  20. You take a weirdly keen interest in other people who are buying new homes
  21. Your Home Doesn’t Qualify for Free Insulation

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