South West Room in Roof Insulation

What is Room In Roof Insulation?

Room In Roof Insulation is where insulation boarding is installed in between the rafters underneath the existing plasterboard walls to help keep the heat inside. The rigid foam insulation boards are generally made from polystyrene or polyurethane.

What are the benefits of Room In Roof Insulation?

  • Excellent for insulating loft conversions

  • Prevents heat escaping through your roof

  • Reduces your energy bills

  • Can be covered with plasterboard for an attractive finish

  • Makes your home feel cosy and warm

How does Room In Roof Insulation work?

The insulation boards are placed in the space between the rafters in the loft and act as a protective layer against the cold outside whilst keeping the warm air inside.

The rigid insulation structure provides a complete waterproof barrier and means that the rising warm air can’t escape.

If you‘ve already converted your loft into a liveable space, the insulation boards are cut to the right size and inserted underneath the walls. This could mean removing the ceiling or removing and re-roofing the tiles to reach underneath. Or, a second option is to add another layer to the ceiling which could fit the insulation. This might be easier and cheaper, but is more likely to restrict headroom. If you haven’t converted your loft space but you’re thinking of doing so in the future, the insulation boards can be installed and plasterboard placed on top.

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